Icky Stuff

Gross things we all do but no one will admit.

Today’s Poop Lesson

on November 23, 2012

I hate my toilet. If I … you know … and it takes more than one wipe, the toilet always stops up.  And my plunger sucks.

See what it does there?  It wrinkled up and I either have to wait for it to pop back open or wedge it under the toilet rim to manually unpop it.  Meantime, the toilet begins to run over.  This is not icky stuff that makes me happy. It’s just icky.

The icky-happy part of this post is the “J” poop.  I learned this weekend that the J-poop was named by my grandmother who passed away when I was about 7 years old.  I remember her kindly, so hearing that she coined the phrase “I pooped a ‘J'” is a little bit surprising!  The J-poop is the one that comes out shaped like a J. It’s a sign of good health that your food can digest so perfectly. And it’s a J!!!

We should all be pooping J’s after yesterday’s Thanksgiving feasts.


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