Icky Stuff

Gross things we all do but no one will admit.

Your Own Cooking

Me when I smell a gamma ray burst not my own.

We’re cuing up another fart talk today. I won’t name names on who inspired it, but here it is.

It’s really weird to me that one can love the smell of their own farts just as passionately and deeply as they hate the smell of someone else’s flame thrower. All are disgusting, but somehow people just like the smell of their own cooking (unless you get trapped in the shower with one… or as one friend told me yesterday, a bubble fart in the bath tub is pretty gruesome too).

The worst culprits for causation:

  • Cabbage
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Carbohydrates (the yeast is the guilty party here)
  • Beans (the big butter beans are grossest, but a bowl of chili can last several days!)

Wouldn’t you know it that carbs are a cause when I love bread products, milk (yum cheese), and eggs – all mainstays for any kitchen or household? Meanwhile in my house, I get really angry when I have to smell a butt-rocket that didn’t originate from my own intestine, but if it’s my own there’s no problem there and it makes me very very happy when another person gets a whiff.

Icky stuff that makes me happy!

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Crack Tickles

Gas. We all have it. You can purse your lips all you want, but truth said everyone passes gas – and most do it several times every day!  Yes, you can reduce the number of times the spider barks, you can possibly diminish the smell of the brick you spit, but you will fart.

The worst farts – for me – are those that attack while in the morning shower. You are trapped in the small space with the awful odor and the odor has but one direction to travel and that is straight up to your nose.  The other bad ones? The warms ones that travel up your butt crack and tickle your cheeks.

Good reading: The Anatomy of a Fart.

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