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May I Recommend: Map Crunch

If you feel bad about where you live (turn left at the pile of cow turds), you might want to visit mapcrunch.com to take a look around the rest of the world.  The little google map cars drive all around participating nations and take snapshots. This web page grabs random pictures and you get to do some stalker moves (not in real time) with other areas.

Here it is:

Google Map Crunch

Check out this picture taken in Switzerland. Breathtaking!


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May I Recommend: Ugly Babies

There’s no tiptoeing around the fact that some babies are just unfortunate looking.  I thought about starting a site like this once, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.  A lady I used to work with had a baby who was so pale that you could see his blue veins through his skin.  Poor thing was just not an attractive baby. At all.  I hope he looked better when he grew up.

Ugly Babies

Truth is, if you have an ugly baby I’m going to say it’s “sweet” or “adorable” … I can’t lie and say it’s pretty or cute.

This site actually has more ugly babies and I think I know one or five of them!

More Ugly Babies

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May I Recommend: Godawful Pregnancy Pics

Dear. Lord. Brace yourself because this link is a doozy!

Awkward pregnancy photos.


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May I Recommend: Cake Wrecks

My friends and I are going to start a company called Shit Cakes: For When You Have to Bring a Cake for Someone You Hate.  This is pretty good inspiration!

Cake Wrecks

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May I Recommend: Shit My Kids Ruined

Oh yes. This so much!

Shit My Kids Ruined

(Not my kids, but a picture from the site. Rest assured, though, that my kids have ruined plenty of things. My patience. A nice mattress now covered with graffiti. My patience. My clean house.)

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